Hecho en Tijuana by juan yi

HET LOGO 1.jpg

Our symbol (by Fritz Torres)

I have always loved design, contemporary, the one that prioritizes fuctionality over ornamentation. Even befor the internet I used to spend sundays browsing magazines at B&N, then one day my subscription to DWELL had chosen an outlier on the cover, November 2007 an architect in my hometown was being noticed by his first solo project.

It became an obsession, I needed to be a part of that, and having worked for a development company for 15 years I decided to give it a try, Encuentro was born with an aditional twist, using the power of local design to drive real estate value.

I also wanted Encuentro to be a learning experience of local nature and a hub to interact and exchange with local independent cooks, producers, etc.

From a business stand Encuentro has been a nightmare, I guess business in general is something that is learned the hard way, but the reaction of the hospitality audience was a wake up call.

Natal is born with a more organic structure, from site selection, to design and funding, we want to become a platform for everyone to enjoy great hospitality with an unedited local experience.

Hecho en Tijuana is not about designing here, is envisioning, calling, organizing and managing outliers in architecture, design, manufacturing, cooking, hospitality and more.

Let the adventure start!