What is access control?

When it comes to technology, one has to be very careful of the fact of the security. The more we are getting digitized, the more we are prone to data theft and other such issues. But thanks to security techniques like access control, the risk of all these mishaps has reduced to a lot of extent. So what actually is access control? In the simplest words we define access control as a method of security. By using access control you easily monitor and regulate as to who is allowed to view and make use of the data that is available in the computer network. Access control is one of the most basic and important tools when it comes to the security of computer data. Many business and organizations make use of it. Access control Dubai is getting very famous. Time attendance system Dubai is also available.

Access control is available in two different fundamental types of access control which also have further divisions. These are mentioned below in the article.

  • Physical access control
  • Logical access control

Physical access control

Physical access control is used to monitor the access to a specific vicinity. It is basically area based method of security.

Logical access control

Logical access control is used to monitor the access to certain network systems, files and data.

Importance of access control

In this age of technology, it is evident to almost all of us that how easy it has become to make data theft. Such actions are carried out every day and we get to know about such things in the news as well. This is why the importance of access control is highlighted with this aspect only. But apart from that, in the IT sector, it has much more importance, something that an everyday man does not understand well. But in this article we will make sure that everyone gets to know about the importance of access control. Access control is important to ensure that the data and files that are stored in a computer system are not getting accessed by some unidentified source. It prevents data theft and other such mishaps. Many companies use access control to secure personal data.

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